From an Abandoned Warehouse to Shark Tank

From an Abandoned Warehouse to Shark Tank

Over 6 and half years ago we opened up for the very first time in August, 2010. That very first day our only hope was that people would show up. Since that day, you’ve continued to show up. Because you continue to show up and support;

People have full time occupations

Lifelong friendships have been made

Marriages have taken place

Babies have been born

Deaths have been honored

Beers have been drank

Tears have been shed

And laughter has filled the gym like music

6 and half years ago – I knew nothing about business, I just knew the best way to combat weakness was to teach strength. In a town devastated by weakness, you guys chose strength – the only kind of strength you can find in a small town community.

started from the bottom – the original PSKC location.

That strength has produced a tremendous amount of good for a lot of people in our small town of Portsmouth and across the country. Because of your support, a non-profit Team Some Assembly Required was established for veteran and civilian adaptive athletes, your support was enabled this team to inspire America to live better lives.

Because of your support a small company called Doc Spartan was created and now that small town company gets a shot to go swim in the Shark Tank on Friday, February 10th.

Walking down that aisle into the tank can be an intimidating experience if you gotta go alone. Fortunately, I could feel you guys there with us each and every step.

Thank you for taking a shot on a crazy guy in an abandoned warehouse in 2010. I don’t say it enough, because words can never adequately express nor repay the debt I owe you guys..


No matter what happens on Friday, deal or no deal – it’s because of you that we even got an opportunity to go on the big stage. We just hope to have done you proud and represent PSKCSTRONG.

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