Free Workout – May 9th!

Free Workout – May 9th!


The sun is shining and the roll up doors are up! Spring is here and we’d love nothing more for you to join us this Saturday at 9am for a FREE workout. Come on down and we’ll partner you up with someone for a fun workout. You’ll get to see what CrossFit is all about and our staff will be there to answer any questions you have. The following Tuesday May 12th,we are starting up our May 101 course. This course is for all beginners, it’s a total of 6 sessions and 2 free weeks of classes afterwards. We limit these courses to 5 slots, if you’d like to have one just email

No better time than the present to get started, we guarantee you’ll only regret not getting started earlier. Read what one of newer members has to say about the importance of starting and staying consistent. We hope to see you on Saturday!

“Ok, I’ve dutifully been going to PSKC for about a month now. I’ve been going twice a week. Where to start? The support, I suppose. Not only are the coaches down there some of the most awesome people that you’ll meet, so are the other members! Everybody just wants you to succeed. It is humbling. In the beginning, I dragged myself there. A bit shy, worried about what I can do, wanting to get every movement right; these were all things that almost kept me home. Then Dale and I were talking after my first class. I told him that I hate being the “the new guy.” His response was so simple. He said “You can’t stop being the new guy unless you show up.”
It was so damn obviously true. He was right. So I committed. I dropped my expectations, which is something that was very hard to do. My goal when I go now is to simply get better. That’s all the coaches want.
There was definitely a turning point for me. It was the 1000m row for one of the WODs. I dread the rower. Hate it. It’s my enemy. Amanda told me the workout that day, and I didn’t want to go. I wanted to make an excuse. I didn’t, though. I went, fully expecting to die or worse, lol. Amanda ratted me out to the coach too. But I’m glad she did. So, when it came time, there were two heats. I wanted to go first to get it over with. I strapped in, grabbed the handle, and pulled. I got to about 250m and wanted to quit. But I couldn’t. The coaches were there. I was there. Other members were there. They kept me going. It hurt. But it was only 4 minutes and 47 seconds. I was finished. The feeling that I got had to be the feeling a wolf gets the first time it takes down prey. I was excited! I couldn’t really celebrate, but dammit I wanted to! I was simply spent. But I finished. It was in that moment that I immediately looked forward to the next class. Thankfully it was several days away, lol, but I was looking forward to it.
So, Amanda, Abby, all of the coaches, and all of the members thank you! I look forward to the next class.”

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