“80% of success is just showing up“.

Whoever said that is full of shit and is a lazy bastard.

Walking through life and simply “showing up” won’t cut it. It’s the difference between simply existing and living. If you really want something you have to focus, prepare, and visualize it.  In regards to the gym, you’ve got to do the work inside and OUTSIDE the gym. We get you for 1 hour out of the day. 300 minutes a week, that’s it. For those 300 minutes, we need you to primed, focused, and most importantly MENTALLY PREPARED to train.

Our core mission is to get you in the best physical and mental shape as possible. That is something we take gravely serious. We focus and dedicate a lot of hours and preparation into providing the best coaching, programming, and experience possible. As a staff we subscribe to multiple online coaching/programming services. Attend several certs/workshops a year and spend several hours a day on the computer learning/researching. We test run workouts/programs week in advance. We provide the entire week of programming to you all a week in advance so you can plan and prepare accordingly.

“Fortune favors the prepared mind”. – Louis Pasteur

It is an absolute necessity to take sometime and mentally prepare for that day’s training BEFORE COMING TO THE GYM. Here’s an example of a workout and a comparison of a person that just “shows up” (A) and a mentally prepared individual (B).

5×3 Deadlift at 80% *last set is max effort reps
Accessory = 2 x 10 Barbell Steps
Conditioning: 21-15-9
Calories on the Rower
Clean and Jerk 135/95

Person A:

Shows up exactly at 533pm.

Doesn’t hear what the group warmup protocol is. Asks 4 people what the warmup is, therefore 4 different people have to stop what they’re doing to tell this person.

Now time for whiteboard briefing, coach gives briefing..person doesn’t know what 80% of their 1RM the individual takes more time away from training to get their phone out and do the math or just does what the person next to them is doing. They do their 5th set and just do 3 reps because they weren’t paying attention when coach said to go all out on last set.

“Attends” demo/briefing on the barbell step ups. Individual is talking to their buddy about the latest $98 pair of LuLu shorts.  Is uncertain of the movement but doesn’t ask any questions when coach says “What are your questions”. Next the individual grabs a 53lb kettlebell and performs goblet lunges. Coach asks “why are you not using a barbell and stepping up on a box?” Individual replies…”Ohh that’s what barbell step ups are?”


Coach heads back to the whiteboard for the demo/briefing on the rower and clean/jerks. By now the individual has gone full head into ass and took up residence on Mars during the WOD briefing. After a few minutes to set up equipment..3..2…1 GO. Individual runs to a rower which are all now occupied. Informs Coach that he/she doesn’t have a rower. Coach asks what group he/she is in..they reply..”There’s groups?” They then go run to someone else’s barbell and start doing hang cleans. Coach informs indvidual that the barbell must touch the ground each rep. Individual replies “Oh I didn’t know that”, then proceeds to ask “This is an AMRAP right?” Coach now just stroked out.  The individual didn’t know that because of their head being stuck in their ass during the briefing. In the meantime, this individual has now screwed up the rotation of the workout by taking someone’s  barbell and messing up the amount of rowers available.

Substandard workout performance for the individual. Additionally they jacked up the flow of the workout for everyone else, coach loses more hair and is about to stroke out.

Person B takes the following approach:

On Sunday night/Monday morning the week of workouts are published. They took a few minutes to read through them and get a feel for that week’s training.  Sometime that morning or at a point throughout the day individual went back to the website to gain a clear picture/understanding of the workout. As apart of their mental preparation, here’s what is cycling through his/her mind.

  • Think about what type of stretching/mobility work you need to do in advance of the group warmup
  • Figure out what your 80% weight is for the deadlift.
  • Visualize yourself going through your working sets with perfect form and already pick a target goal of reps to hit on your last set.
  • Ask yourself “Am I familiar with the accessory exercise?” If not google/youtube it.
  • Now move onto the conditioning part – “Can I do all movements/weights prescribed?” If not, already start developing what you think you should modify. Then run that plan by a coach when you get to the gym. If any part of the workout is confusing, get your questions ready and wake until the briefing to ask them if it’s not already clarified.
  • Again visualize yourself on the rower with perfect form ticking off calories, then attacking the clean/jerks. What’s your plan? Do 21 unbroken? Or break them up into 11/10, 8/7/6 etc? Run through the workout in your MIND FIRST AHEAD OF TIME.

This entire process took the individual 5-10 minutes.

Individual was 15 minutes early to class and starting hitting up low back/hamstring mobility to better their deadlift.

Individual paid attention to the coach and already knew what warmup sets to use and the 80% weight. They only hit their target goal on the last set but surpassed it by 2 reps due to the visualization process.

Already had a good idea of the weight to use  and had the box out and ready to go.

Went through a successful and challenging workout except for the fact that individual (A) was using their barbell.

Awesome workout. Hit 2 more reps on their deadlift set, and crushed the conditioning. Coach actually smiled and didn’t cuss and/or have coronary.

In all seriousness, take the 5-10 minutes to prepare yourself for that day’s training. It makes YOU better and makes EVERYONE else around you better. We are here to coach you and make you better, that’s what we love to do. But you’ve got a responsibility in the relationship to show up mentally primed and prepared to make the most out of every single 300 minutes for that week.

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