Follow Along from Home..

Follow Along from Home..

Cribs…C.U.W. edition!

When we first started, we only offered 5 classes a week. Fast forward to today and we’re fortunate enough to offer 16 classes a week. However, we do understand that work/life can get crazy and won’t allow you to make it in during a scheduled class time. So what can you do?

1) We post all of our workouts over at Wodstack. Click HERE to check it out and while you’re there create a free account and you’ll get the workouts emailed to you when they’re published. If you can’t make it then that day, with limited equipment you can follow along from home. And if it’s something you can’t do, you can search through the 100s of workouts and find something you can do.

2) Get creative. Take stock of what’s around you and cook something up. Just off the top of my head, in town you could hit up some sprints on Sunrise Hill or the levee. Or hit up Raven’s Rock a few times. Get outside, get some sun on your cheeks and go have fun. The Dillows are notorious for packing a bell or two and hitting the Valley track.

3) As far as equipment goes, if I could only pick one thing it would be the kettlebell (shocker I know). It’s compact/portable and what you learn at the intro (swing, clean, press, squat) can offer an endless variety, mix that in with some bodyweight movements and you’ve got some great workouts that can be done anywhere.

The main point long as you got a bell and your bodyweight and some sort of creativity you’ll never be lacking for a good training session.

“You can have either excuses or results…but never both”
Don’t forget this Saturday we’re getting a crew together to hit up the SOMC Hike for Hospice! We’ve kicked around different ideas on what to do. From a stretcher carry, to a log carry…but I think we’ve finally got it settled. We’re gonna pull a flatbed trailer!
We’ll hook 2 two traps up to a trailer, load everyone in the back and pull it for a 5K! We will rotate out the pullers every 30 seconds or so and then you can hop in the trailer or run alongside! We’d love to get as many folks as possible from the gym so come on down. We’ll meet up at the Hospice at 9am and let the fun begin!
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