Fit Business Insider Article!

Fit Business Insider Article!

rope climbing under stress..

A few days I had the fortunate opportunity to be interviewed by Pat Rigsby. Pat is a big time fitness business coach/mentor to some of the top folks in the industry. He has worked with some really great people, including my own mentors Uncle Mike and the Milkman of The Training Room and the Underground Strength Coach Zach Even-Esh. But more than being a top business coach to the top guys, he also is a Portsmouth native!

Please click HERE and check out a great article featuring PSKC. Also while you’re there please drop a comment and let folks outside of Portsmouth know there are some good things going down..

This week of training has been great. We’ve introduced and refined lots of skills..

Monday was all about the Turkish Get Up

Tuesday it was time to go old school by throwing a total of 15 rope climbs into the Tough Mudder Tuesday workout:
5 rounds of:
3 rope climbs
15 Step Ups
20 Push Presses
Compound Run with a 45/25 lb plate

Wednesday was the mighty DEADLIFT! We took it down a notch, not focusing on how much we could pull. But more a matter of technique and then speed..

Today was all about introducing the overhead squat. Folks quickly gained an appreciation for how much this require total body strength and coordination. We then finished with a 15 minute AMRAP of:
5 Pullups
10 Wall Ball
15 Swings
20 sledge strikes
Gate Sprint

Tomorrow don’t forget we have the 9am option and the 5pm Happy Hour option. So here’s the deal for the 1 year anniversary celebration!

Since the actual one year date goes down this Saturday. We are going to have a special Pain Clinic that starts at 1030am. We will then start cheat day proper by chowing down on some Union Mills cake, then heading up to BW3s for some beer wings afterwards.

The official 1 year celebration will be next Friday, September 2nd at 5pm. We will post 3 workouts for you guys to vote on. Most votes wins and we will put on that workout at 5pm. Immediately afterwards we will be having some Ribber Ribs on the house! There will be some Miller Lite (cans of course). All you guys need to bring is a side dish!

Hit us up on facebook or shoot me an email if you guys have any questions!

See you tomorrow. And don’t forget about the special 1030am Pain Clinic this Saturday followed up by BWs afterwards!

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