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 Tonight was monumentally epic…we had the largest intro class to date with 12 new people getting introduced to PSKC. The best part was the mix of people we had…MMA fighters, future Marines, some West Siders, and the Incredible Hulk.

tonight’s intro class

 After the intro, we hit up a classic Pain Clinic workout since Saturday we are rocking the Gauntlet. It’s finally here! 

The Gauntlet Challenge is this Saturday and we still have some slots available. Right now I’m estimating 20-25 competitors. Would love to have around 30 people if we can. Don’t think you should participate/compete? Read this…

Saturday Start Time:
We will have the gym opened up at 0800 for final registration and heat assignment. Feel free to come down anytime between 0800-0900 to get checked in and warmed up. The fighter jets will fly over the compound at 0900 for the kickoff and we will get this baby rolling.
We are runnning the events in heats based on the total number of competitors, (estimating 4-6 heats). This will permit each competitor to have a judge and will also give you a chance to cheer on your fellow competitors!
A couple of developments;
Pullups and flexed arm hang event:  we are permitting the use of the blue band to assist in the flexed arm hang (females) and pullups (males). Just keep in mind that if you choose to use assistance bands it won’t count as much as those who do this event as prescribed.
Weights for events:
5:00 Snatch Test – males = 53lb/44lb (53 = 1 pt/rep, 44 = .75 pt/ rep), females = 35lb/26lb
Most points win. For example, Dude A does 100 snatches with a 53 = 100 points, Dude B does a 100 snatches with a 44 = 75 points
2:00 Goblet Squat – Male = 53/44, Female = 35/26 (same point system). Most points wins
Kettlebell Carry & Run (kettlebells can be carried anyway possible) 
Male = 2X53/44, Female = 2X35/26
If you choose to do the lighter weight, 2 minutes will be added to your total time. Fastest time wins
Surprise Finisher: Fastest time wins
Winners will be determined by total cumulative score.
We have the judges selected, but I can always use some extra help during the event. Plus, if you’re not competing we’d absolutely love for you to come down and cheer your friends on! They will need all the encouragement they can get as the “wizard” will be visiting them quite frequently.
Post Gauntlet BBQ
Saturday is cheat day, so we will have Miller Lite (21 and over) and pizza immediately afterwards. Also, Ann is hosting a post-Gauntlet cookout/BBQ at her house later in the evening. A sidedish signup sheet is at the gym, please write down which sidedish you are going to bring. More details are available at the gym.
So, come down and throwdown and/or just watch. Saturday will be a great day to go be awesome. The weather is supposed to be great! Shoot me an email back if you want me to secure you a slot. You can pay the registration (which includes our awesome new T-shirt) on Saturday morning.
I’m been offered the opportunity to become a distributor for Steve’s Club Paleo Kits. Paleo Kits are a delicious mix of beef jerky, raw macadamias, almonds, pecans and dried fruits. 100% all natural, non-processed, no junk additives..REAL FOOD. I eat one everyday for lunch. But more importantly, 15% of the proceeds from Paleo Kits go to support “Steve’s Club” a national non-profit organization that supports inner-city kids with fitness training and peer mentoring. Please take a look at:
For what they offer and prices. To become a distributor I must make an order for at least 75 items. Email me back and let me know if you’re interested!

You guys are awesome..and you won’t want to miss all the action on Saturday!

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