Female Athletic Performance Summer Camp

Female Athletic Performance Summer Camp

This summer we will be conducting a 6 week strength and conditioning camp for female high school athletes. Throughout the course of our gym, we’ve realized that there is huge need to teach strength and conditioning fundamentals to females. Too often “strong” is a term reserved for guys especially in the gym culture. We want to change that.

The needs of a female or male athlete are NO different. They need to be STRONG, FAST, EXPLOSIVE, and most importantly develop an unbeatable mental attitude. This is exactly what our program will do for area female athletes.

They will gain a tremendous advantage over their competition by attending the 6 week camp. They will learn the fundamentals of Olympic lifting, kettlebell training, strength training, mobility and flexibility. They will learn principles that will carryover to the rest of their athletic career. Most importantly they will be coached under the direct supervision of a certified CrossFit Level 1 and USAW Olympic Lifting coach.

We are accepting 12 athletes for this program. We currently have less than 10 slots remaining for this unique opportunity. To register contact Coach Mo via email mo@www.pskccrossfit.com

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