Everyone needs a ball to chase..

Everyone needs a ball to chase..

the man himself…Brutus..official PSKC mascot

Most of you know about our dog, Brutus. Brutus is our “baby boy”, we’ve had him since he was a pup in Colorado I got him to watch over the wife during my deployments and I firmly believe that if push came to shove, Tia would make me sleep on the couch so Brutus could have a spot in the bed.

The thing above all others that Brutus loves to do is play fetch. Rain, snow, blistering heat, uphill, in the woods, in a lake….it doesn’t matter…you throw he will get it. It’s almost as if it’s his job and that boy loves to work. I have seen him jump over and through fences, crash into other dogs, and search for over an hour…relentless on the hunt… until he got his ball…

through sea, air, and land…it’s all about the chase

A desire to play “fetch” is also known as having a “high prey drive” in the canine protection community. It’s a key factor that Police/Military units look for in dogs that are to be trained for protection/search purposes. The prey drive is the instinct that makes many dogs love to locate, pursue, and catch game.The dog must live for the chase.

it all starts with a high prey drive

Chasing that ball is his physical release, his moment of joy/play, what he looks forward to each and every day. He sits inside and patrols the house until we get home…waiting for that moment when I grab the Chuck-it.

I can’t imagine not playing with fetch with Brutus. It would be a cruel punishment to take that away from him. And I can tell a distinct difference in his personality/attitude when we can’t toss the ball out in the yard for a few days because of the rain. He seems to get depressed, moping around the house, almost as if he serves no purposes…a defeated and sad pup.

no ball to chase = sad pup

There is no substitute for the ball. He doesn’t want to be tied to a leash and walk around the block, nor be tied to a stake in the yard. He wants to run, sprint, chase, and hunt….

If he doesn’t have the ball to chase, where would he gather his enjoyment and sense of satisfaction? No ball to fetch = a sad pup

Do you have a ball to chase? Do you run freely as fast and aggressive as you possibly can? Or are you restrained to the leash, frustrated…wanting to break free? Walking on the treadmill isn’t the same as sprinting, jumping, climbing, lifting heavy things..

this is our ball to chase

Are you looking forward to your workout each and every day? Anxiously awaiting the chase…the hunt to be better than you were the day before. Or do you sit in the house and lay around…sad, defeated, a shell of your once former active and confident self.

For the regulars at PSKC….the answer is obvious… they live to hunt and chase and they look forward to it. These workouts are their ball to chase and devour.

in the middle of the chase..

For some when they first started they didn’t know they had this sense of “prey drive”, the chase …but once it was turned on there is no going back. Now they just want a heavier ball thrown further and faster…

Join us…break free of the leash and find your prey drive.

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