Ever see a fat Indian?

Ever see a fat Indian?

Don’t forget we are having an intro to Paleo eating following Saturday’s Pain Clinic at 10am.

In the mean time, here’s some things I want you to think about and we’ll address on Saturday.

Why are we so sick as a nation?

How many “diets” have you tried and been successful… LONG TERM.

Why weren’t Indians (Native Americans) fat?

Let me the explain the last one…as you’ve figured out the basic premise of the Paleo diet is try to mimic the diet of our caveman brothers. Is this too hard to wrap your head around? Let’s fast forward several 1000s years then to about the 17-1800s. The Native Americans were an incredibly active, healthy, and by all accounts incredibly lean and muscular.

Click HERE for a fantastic article explaining why they weren’t fat. Here’s the synopsis…they were hunter-gathers. It was wild game, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, and minimal grains.

I’m more of a visual guy…and plus I love Last of the Mohicans….so essentially they had to actively pursue their food…as seen here:

Versus our modern “active pursuit” wild game…as seen here..

To me that’s what having a Paleo lifestyle is all about. What to learn more? See you this Saturday. Feel free to come get an excellent workout beforehand at 9.

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