End of another great week…

End of another great week…

After the last second ticked away at Saturday’s Pain Clinic..

What a great week at PSKC! We put in a lot of fun and work this week. 6 new people came in throughout the week to begin their journey to the best shape of their lives. Also people are already dropping pounds from the holidays by sticking to clean eating and at least 3 times a week at PSKC.

Today we ended it properly at our weekly Saturday Pain Clinic workout. (If you’re wondering why we call it the Pain Clinic click Why The Pain Clinic?)

Primetime getting some..

The Pain Clinic Partner Suffering workout format never changes…however we do mix up the exercises. The format is as of follows: we put you into two man teams (partner 1 and partner 2). Partner 1 is assigned a specific task (reps of exercise) while partner 2 has to continue doing an exercise until partner 1 is finished, hence the name partner suffering, or the military term BLUE FALCON…Blue = Buddy, Falcon = F#@ker. So the longer it takes you to complete the exercise the more your buddy is suffering…therefore it’s quite a motivational tool to finish the exercise as fast as possible to avoid your partner’s suffering. Not to mention that you keep rotating back and forth for 6 minutes…so then it will be your partner’s turn to make you enjoy the ride.

So it’s 4 stations, 6 minutes each as many rounds as possible at each station. At the end of each station, we rest for 2:30, then onto the next station.
Station 1:
P1 = Renegade Rows 6 each side
P2 = 1/2 burpees
Station 2:
P1 = Wall Ball X 10
P2 = Plank Hold
Station 3:
P1 = Clean & Press X 4 each side
P2 = Jump Rope
Station 4:
P1 = Swings X 15
P2 = Sledge Hammer

Monday, we’re going to train Turkish Get Ups and Knees to Elbows (remember the knees to elbows will help with the rope climb) in the skill portion of the workout. So, especially for the rookies, do your homework ahead of time. Also, keep working on the 7pm attendance so we can split up the groups for Monday. It really helps out.
Click here for TGUs – http://portsmouthspartankettlebellclub.blogspot.com/2010/10/turkish-get-up.html
For the knees to elbows, see below

Also, since it’s the weekend you’ve got some extra time to work on your mobility and do some research. Recently you guys have heard me preach about the magical properties of foam rollers. You can do your own research, but trust me nothing has ever “hurt so good”.  We only have 3 in the gym, so it’s first come first serve…but you owe it to yourself to get to the gym early and unglue your scar tissue with the foam roller. And honestly, you really need to have one of these in your house so you can can do a lil self therapy while you’re watching the game. If you’re interested in buying your own…here’s where I got mine from:
If you guys want we could put in a mass order from the gym if enough people are interested.

Also…please check out: http://www.tptherapy.com/ It’s a phenomenal resource for self-myofascial release and explains why stuff like the foam roller works.

See you guys Monday for another great week of training. Make sure you guys check the “DUES” board, we’ve got several people who will be up for sessions. Also, please make sure you guys are signing in and paying before training starts. So that means you need to get to class 10 minutes early to square everything away. Sometime in the future I’ll get with the times and get a swipe card/PIN system…but we are rocking the hand jam method until then.

And finally, here’s something you can do in the house to practice increasing your hip and glute mobility.

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