Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, registered dietician, nutrionist, guru, or expert. Do your own research and experimentation. All I can tell you about is the results from my own experience and more importantly the members of PSKC. Now that my lawyer is happy, let’s get on with it.
Look at the picture, honestly of all my grade cards in life, I’m pretty proud of this one, because it’s stone cold proof that the primal/paleo way of eating is healthy for you. I was forunate enough to be able to get my blood lipids levels checked the other day (May 13th to be exact). I wanted to see if this Primal/Paleo way of eating lived up the hype. About the last 5-6 months I’ve been pretty good about sticking to the 80/20 rule and really changed my dietary habits to focusing on eating natural/organic (non-processed) meat, veggies, nuts, and fruits. A diet that his pretty high in fat, but relatively moderate to low in carbohydrate intake… if I believed everything I read and watch I should be ready to croak from cardiovascular disease and my arteries should look like sludge. After all, how could a diet high in fat be good for you?
Look at the numbers in the photo above:
total cholesterol = 141 (under 200 is considered good)
HDL = 45 (greater than 40 is considered good)
LDL = machine couldn’t read it because it couldn’t read my tri-count, going out on a limb here and assuming it’s pretty low.
triglycerides = less than 45 (I don’t have a specific number because the Nurse informed me that the machine stops reading at 45)
fasting glucose = 96 (under 100 is considered good, and admittedly I would have liked to saw lower than 96)
So what gives? How is this possible with all the high amounts of animal based fats and dietary cholesterol I consume? After all I probably average 15 whole organic eggs a week for breakfast. Do the nutritional breakdown on that:
1 whole egg = 14 grams of total fat, and 577mg of cholesterol (which is 192% of the recommended daily intake of dietary cholesterol from 1 egg!)
So within a week from eggs alone ( and that’s just breakfast) I’m consuming 210 grams of fat and 8655mg of cholesterol, but yet my total cholesterol = 141 and my tri-count (which measures a type of fat found in your blood) is so low that the machine can’t even register it?! Here’s a good explanation:
Well let’s go with the argument that I’ve got “good genes” and I’ve possibly had good blood lipid levels my whole life. C’mon I started going bald when I was 21, my grandfather and uncles have died from heart attacks, and my mom is on cholesterol medicine…so I don’t think that’s the case. Nonetheless, I just happened to find my physical when I left active duty, now mind you this was almost exactly 4 years (2007) ago when I was 26 and on active military duty….surely my numbers would be the same if not better right? ….WRONG. Take a look for yourself.
total cholesterol = 202
HDL = 41
LDL = 129
tri’s = 160
glucose  = 103
In every single category I improved, compare it to the first photo. Is it solely because of increased fat and protein intake? That’s got something to do with it. But the main reason is because of my decreased carbohydrate intake. The real culprit behind metabolic syndrome, obesity, and disease.
Still think I’m full of shit? “Think about this: there is actually no requirement for any “essential dietary carbohydrates” in human nutrition.” Spend some time reading this explaining how fat is healthy.

So you might agree with me about excess carbs in the form of sugars and processed food. But good old fashioned grains are still good for me right? Think again..

I’m just simply stating what I’ve done and I’ve got the numbers/proof to back me up. And it’s not only me, lots of people at the gym are catching on. Has anyone seen Shep (down 50 lbs since January) or Troy (down 20-30 lbs and keeping up with guys half his age) lately?
And as for myself? You’ve seen the blood work numbers..and for the first time since high school/college days I’m close to being under 200lbs..but yet my deadlift is getting closer to 500. I’m sold, I’m eating ground buffalo, mushrooms, and spinach as I write this… and I’ve never felt better…
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