Don’t Fear the Iron

Don’t Fear the Iron

The above videos show Sass hitting a 125# snatch and Ninjy hitting a 165# clean and jerk. Yes, technique isn’t picture perfect but it’s still an awesome display of strength, speed, and power. The progress these two have shown in the last year is outstanding.

Not just these two ladies, but the chicks at PSKC are some strong determined women. They aren’t viewed as “girls” they are viewed as equals…just other lifters. And as the two videos and dozens of other photos on this website and Facebook page show…they are not “bulky” and damn sure not “manly”.

15 minutes on the elipitical and lifting pink dumbbells will not get you a 345 rack pull

It’s time we kill the “cardio bunnies” stereotype. Stop worrying about the numbers on your scale and get serious about the numbers you’re lifting. Your body will take care of itself.

Don’t fear the iron…you should fear the life you’d live without iron.

If you’d like to learn more shoot me an email at . Our next beginners program starts Tuesday at 630pm, we’d love to show you the amazing things you’re capable of.

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