As the body weakens the spirit follows.

Somewhere along the line you become disconnected and started believing “them”.

You believed “them”, you ate a fat free diet. Your  body’s fuel became pre-packaged and frozen, concocted in a lab – they were labeled as “healthy” and “fat free”. Meanwhile, you got sick several times a year, gained weight, and just felt stale and foggy. But you still trusted “them”, you eat your whole grain pasta and wheat bread and swim in a pool of man-made chemicals and carbohydrates, still searching for that pill that would regain your health.

You still believed “them” when they told you that if you lift weights you’ll be “bulky”. Or the only way to get strong and look good is to lift a different body part based on the day of the week. Caging your body into a machine, finishing up with 20 minutes on another machine, headphones plugged in disconnected from human interaction. Meanwhile you never really got strong, fit, or lost any weight. But you still trusted “them”.

When we were young we dreamed of the things that we would become, a life full of possibilities. Then somewhere along the line we started to listen to “them”, the ones who traded in their dreams and passions for spreadsheets and reports, and the false security of the good job, benefits, and retirement.

Your passion and spirit started to fade and before you knew it your body decayed along with it. It didn’t happen overnight, but you gained 3-4 lbs a year – 10 years later you’re now 40lbs overweight and just really stale. You’re not unhappy or depressed per say, but you’re really not happy either. You’re just there – stuck – existing. Each morning exactly like the other, except for Friday. You always know when it’s Friday.

“The only way to find true happiness is to risk being completely cut open.” – Chuck Palahniuk

10-15-20 years later here you are. This is you – your life, your legacy. A collection of fat free frozen meals, 40lbs overweight, and years of spreadsheets and reports. Your “starter” job became a career. All this for the promise of a 401k when you reach 65 years old, so you can retire and do what you really want then.

You send your kids off to school and tell them to dream big, you can be anything in the world. You want them to study hard, to learn, to find their passion and purpose in life. Be healthy, eat their vegetables. Meanwhile your kids don’t listen to you because you didn’t do it. They plug in their earphones and become disconnected.

Without knowing it, you turned into “them”. Telling them what to do instead of showing them what to do and how to live. Kids learn from example not by preaching.

Now millions of us, walk around disconnected. We grew up listening and trusting “them”. What did that get us? Overweight, diseased, depressed…

We stopped believing in ourselves, stopped dreaming, and stopped risking because we became weak. The only way to fight weaknesses is with strength. Testing yourself, doing things you once believed to be impossible – not just every once in a while, but consistently..daily, weekly.

You’ll have to discover your passion and purpose in this world on your own. But I do know this…strong bodies lead to strong thoughts. The kind of strong thinking and believing it takes to get connected.

The only person you have to answer to is that 10 year old kid you once were. If that person saw you today…would they be proud of the man/woman you’ve become?


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