There is never a day I do thrusters and think “fun”…a front squat into a push press is a long movement that almost incorporates everything. But loading some weight to find a heavy one rep max can be fun. Never have gone “heavy” on a barbell thruster before I managed to squeak out 225, it felt pretty good so I decided to do it again this time with the camera rolling, sometimes you bite off more than you can chew as witnessed during my epic fail below…..

After some work on heavy thrusters…we did some work on pullups and rope climbs. Then into the main effort..
Snatch2Thruster is where you perform a kettlebell snatch, lower down to the rack drop into a squat then rise up into a thruster overhead…that’s one rep. We did 5 each side then 15 sledge hammer strikes or slamball…repeat 5 rounds for time.

The last few days some of  the “regulars” haven’t been showing up…and I fear I know why. December is pretty much national slack off from the gym month. It’s sooo easy to make excuses during this month. It’s cold  outside, holiday get togethers, Christmas parties, food is everywhere….Think about it, it’s way easy to say “you know what I’m just going to take the next couple weeks off and I’ll get back at it after the New Year”. In response all I have to say is suck it up and stop being weak…harsh right? Well…you either are making an effort to become better or you aren’t….what you’re looking for is an excuse a way to rationalize it to yourself that it’s okay to be lazy. Well you’re in the wrong place if you’re looking at me to say it’s acceptable.

I think now is an important to go back and read on the importance of being consistent…

Don’t quit on yourself….don’t give in…don’t be weak. Weakness is a disease…the only cure is strength. Strength of will….strength of mind…strength of effort…strength to be consistent and disciplined….even when it’s cold  :)

You can continue your hard earned fitness level that you’ve attained over the past few months…or you can tap out for the month of December only to be one the “New Years” crowd. The people who pack gyms across the country for a solid 5-7 weeks before it gets too tough to stay disciplined and they fall right back into their habits of weakness.

Don’t get me wrong if you’re seriously looking for a place to better yourself, to gain the physical and mental strength you’ve been sorely wanting..you are welcomed here in the family. My main point is you don’t have to wait until New Years to be in the best shape of your life…..don’t make resolutions…make habits…rant over.

For those who are wanting to check us out and learn more about kettlebell training…our kettlebell intro class is at 5pm tomorrow followed by the regular class at 6. Hope to see all your beautiful faces there!

PS…Wednesday’s Running Clinic has been moved to Thursday this week..

PPS…If you don’t get your shirts by Thursday I’m offering them up for public sale!

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