Details for Saturday’s Celebration

Details for Saturday’s Celebration

Here’s what we have cooking for Saturday’s 4 year anniversary celebration:

Start time: 0900

Show up at 9am to start warming up and we’ll begin to do the drafting of teams. We will put together 4 person teams by randomly pulling names out of the hat to form 2 male/2 female teams for the competition. At the same time (0900) we will have the PSKC kids rocking out at little kids race/competition. So it’s a chance for the adults to watch and root on the little ones as you’re warming up and forming your strategy for the events.

What exactly can you expect in this competition? FUN…the sole purpose we are doing this is to have fun. It’s for all levels and can be scaled. We are in no means taking this serious, it’s an excuse to get together and do a bunch of team workouts with other members you may haven’t had a chance to workout with and bragging rights around beers later. More importantly it’s a chance to burn a bunch of calories before the tailgate!

You’re looking at around 3-4 events and we plan on being down by around 11oo (depends on how many people show up). After the competition is over, we will immediately go into tailgate mode for Ohio State’s opener against Navy at noon as we’ll be watching on the big screen at the gym.

WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING: a side dish and/or dessert and your own favorite adult beverage (beer is always welcomed) and your fold up chair. We are providing pulled pork and brisket from Canal St. Smokehouse.

We hope you can stay for the entire day, but feel free to stop in at any part of the day. We hope you can join us  as we get some fun team workouts in, watch some great football with great chow, and most importantly celebrate the awesome community that is PSKC.

P.S. We need some volunteers who would like to be apart of a PSKC video, we’ll be filming after the 530pm class on Friday.

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