Details for 15.2

Details for 15.2

Congrats to Box Jumps and Power Dumps for taking home the 15.1 Spartan Award and jumping out to an early lead on the leaderboard. However, it’s a long 5 weeks and anything can happen! Who will grab the 15.2 Spartan Award?

Speaking of 15.2, we are going to have to make a slight adjustment this week. As you guys know we will be at the Arnold Classic all weekend competing and support Team Some Assembly Required. However, that throws a little wrinkle in our plans for the PSKC Open for week 2.

Due to the Arnold, all classes on Friday and Saturday will be cancelled, so Monday will be your only shot to get in and get 15.2 knocked out, one shot only and no redo’s. Essentially we will be moving this week’s “Friday Night Lights” to all day on Monday.

All the classes on Monday will be dedicating to completing 15.2. So starting Monday morning all the way through the evening classes we will be knocking out 15.2. 

We will still award the Spartan award, so please work with your team and show as much support as possible for your teammates. If you guys all want to get together at a certain time, that’s cool too, whatever works best for you guys. Just keep in mind it’s imperative that as soon as you’re done you input your scores no later than 7:30pm on Monday. As always, if there’s any issues please communicate with your team captain to get them squared away.

Then starting back on next Friday, we will be back to the awesomeness of Friday Night Lights for a special Friday the 13th edition for 15.3, there’s even rumors of a showdown of Preachers’ wives for the opening ceremony?!

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