Deload to Reload

Deload to Reload

You need to deload.

This week is our deload week, a concept that may be new to some of you and somewhat counter-intuitive in the CrossFit world. We are always preaching to do more work in less time, pushing you to do more than you think you’re capable of doing. However, you also have to be smart about your training. You have to have programmed periods of rest and “play” in order to continue to make progress over the long term.

While looking at a long term program, whether it’s a macro/micro cycle. You have to program in periods of rest/recovery. Otherwise you’ll burn out psychologically or you’ll start to break down physically, or worse a combination of both. That’s why our programming is structured as such:

week 1: Establish training max

Weeks 2-5: Escalating %s and associated intensity

Week 6: Test week

Week 7: Deload

We want to be preventative not reactionary. Your body is not designed to be capable of hammering the throttle each and every time indefinitely. Progress is not made when you train, the real progress is made when you recover. That’s exactly the purpose of the deload week.

Think of it this way, I don’t want to keep training until I get all achy, start to lose motivation to train, and worst case scenario incur an injury. Then I’d be forced to take 10-14 days off to heal up, and potentially lose some of my hard earned progress.

I’d rather take a week of training where I don’t any heavy lifting, nothing too crazy with intensity, have some fun, and keep my body refreshed while I become hungry and stronger for the next cycle. That’s the purpose of the deload week. Even if you’re feeling great and fresh, enjoy the deload weeks.

Think of your training like investing in the stock market long term. It’s impossible to see linear gains over the course of several years. If that were the case, eventually a crash (i.e 1929) is looming around the corner where you’ll lose all your money. Instead you want to see a series of peaks and valleys over the long term.

Deload week does not mean UNLOAD week. It’s a chance to work on some weaknesses, break a sweat, and most importantly do some stuff we don’t get a chance to do and have fun! That’s why this week we’ve programmed a lot of bodyweight workouts, team/partner stuff, and some structural (single arm/leg) work.

And I promise you will not shrivel away or blow up. You’ll be stronger and sharper because of it.

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