Deck of Cards Workout

Deck of Cards Workout

Thanks to Uncle Mike from the Training Room for providing today’s smoke session. We hit up our inaugural “Deck of Cards” workout. It soon became a crowd favorite.

Concept is pretty simple get a full deck of cards and each suit represents a different exercise (see above). You pick up a heavier kettlebell and whatever the deck spits out is the number of reps you perform. For the one arm exercises you split in the reps in 1/2….face cards are 10 and Aces are 12 and each joker is 20 burpees. I was quickly was accused of stacking the deck..

Also I finally checked another goal off the block…deadlift twice the bodyweight..tonight I pulled 435 thanks to the training by my boy Meathead. It’s by no means anywhere near impressive but it’s the most I’ve pulled to date…now it’s onto the quest for 500. Also I’m gonna start working on jerking 275 overhead!

275 Split Jerk is next..
Bumper plates make it look so much cooler than it actually is..
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