Dancing With the Flame

Dancing With the Flame


Do you fear getting burned? Do you dance with the flame? You feel the heat…and you back off. It’s just enough, it makes you think you went hard enough.

Dancing with the flame is the same thing as giving 90% effort.  It’s good enough …but it’s not great. It’s not all you got.

That extra 10% is straight up fire..hot f@cking painful fire. Stop dancing with the flame and shove your hands in the coals and see how much you can take.

Change your mindset.  The fire, the pain ..it’s not your enemy.  It’s your opportunity for growth and greatness. When the voices in your head are screaming it’s too hot it’s your chance to silence the shouting. Be present in the pain, know you’re getting stronger. Be grateful you have the ability to get to that place.

Charge forward…

Sometimes you gotta say f@ck it…let’s burn.

“The only pace is a suicide pace and today looks like a good day to die” -Prefontaine

See you in the fire.


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