Damn it was cold..

Damn it was cold..

Looks like it’s straight out of Rocky IV

Damn….it was cold tonight. Luckily we were able to raise the temperature inside. Also we’ll be getting another blower heater in a few weeks thanks to my brother Henry at Crossfit Legion.

As Meathead and I were doing heavy Zercher Squats and I could see my breath I immediately thought of Rocky IV.

“Hearts of Fire” was playing in my head during this PR

I seriously watched that movie every other day growing up. I’m pretty sure Rocky IV was the sole reason we beat the commies in the Cold War. If it was up to be me (and not against pesky laws/fire code) I would have a open wood burning fireplace inside of PSKC just like Rocky. I want to go on official record and say Stallone can do no wrong…he is lord of Badassitude.

You have to be a serious Rocky IV fan to get this reference

Enough kissing Sly’s ass….onto Monday’s work! Below is what we served up to those who braved the cold..

It’s always good to spend some time on the basics…so we went back to the fundamentals and worked the kettlebell swing. What we really stressed was the importance of pushing the hips back, reaching through with a neutral spine to get the maximum activation of the posterior chain. More hamstring activation equals greater power and we’re always after the most power we can get.

After some time on technique we went into heavy swings…big props to primetime and Claudia for swinging the 88lb’r! Additonally we got some of the guys to rock double 53s (106 total) on the double swings. We finished with a nice circuit of active movements followed by static holds.

Then the Lady Bears came in and got introduced to the best exercise out there…the Turkish Get Up.

Love this picture…Coach Ruby is awesome

After the TGUs we ended in a nice conditioning finisher using the 15/15 protocol for swings and sledgehammering.

See you guys tomorrow at 6…come in and beat the cold!

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