Creating Female Champions!

Creating Female Champions!



“I wish I had known about this when I was in high school”

Unfortunately that’s a phrase we hear all too often with the athletes we train who are preparing for the collegiate  level, especially with our female athletes. In high school, the focus on athletic preparation is always geared towards the male sports. There is no dedicated weight room and/or off season strength and conditioning programs for our local young female athletes.

This January that changes.

We are proud to offer a 6 week winter female athlete sports camp. We will teach female athletes the importance of proper strength and conditioning mechanics and how to eat like an athlete. More importantly our area female athletes will gain a massive boost in confidence and self esteem that will extend far beyond the field and/or court.

The program begins January 4th and we have slots remaining.

Champions are made in the off season, and we can’t wait to make you a champion.

If you’re interested simply fill out the form below and enter “female athlete” in the comments and we will be in touch!




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