Count Your Reps

Count Your Reps

Strap in…we’re going on a rant riddled with profanity.


We caught you…the first time we counted your reps and noticed you “miscounted” we gave you the benefit of the doubt. But if you consistently shave 2-5 reps every time, you’re just a shitbag, or maybe you’re just lazy…or worst of all… you’re both. We used to ignore it, we’re not doing that anymore.

We’ve been watching (we’re always watching) and we’ve noticed more than one person conveniently “miscount” their reps. We’ve been stewing on this for a while and never did we think we’d have to make a post about not cheating reps..but here we are, and it’s our fault. All blame resides in leadership…don’t worry we’re gonna fix the problem.

Our policy in the past was not to say anything. Why? We’re not your babysitter and/or personal abacus.  If you lack the integrity to do the full work day in day out, you’re not worth our time to coach. We only have an hour and we’d rather give that energy and focus to those who are there to get better, those that want to do it the right way, and those who want to make themselves and those around them better. We were fine not saying anything because everyone knows you’re a cheater and your times/scores don’t mean anything. People have eyes and can do math. Our philosophy used to be if you want to be a shitbag, go ahead’re only cheating yourself, and we don’t have time to deal with shitbags.

The problem with this is that we’ve realized you’re not just cheating yourself you’re cheating everyone around you by creating a substandard atmosphere. 

21-15-9 means exactly that, 45 total reps. Not 40, not 44…45 reps. We don’t round up.

These workouts strip away everything and you get to learn a lot about yourself in the process, especially when you are in the middle of an awful workout. Your mind starts to whisper to slow down, stop…the whispers then become screams demanding you find a way out. At that moment it’s super easy to shave off a rep or two to make the pain end and suffering stop…no one will know. At that moment for every workout it’s a test of your integrity, are you the person who looks for a way out when things get tough? After all, it’s just a couple reps.

It’s close enough right?

Or maybe it’s your ego that is seducing you to cheat. You can’t handle not having one of the fastest times. Your time has to be at the top of the board. So 21-15-9 becomes 19-13-9.

Close enough right?


You want to cheat yourself…fine. But you’re f@cking it up for everyone else around you. And we refuse to allow you to bring everyone down. This gym was not founded upon the belief of “close enough”. We don’t give a shit about a fictitious score on a board. In all honesty, we don’t give a shit about “scores” or “times” other than that they are tools to track progress (which by the way if you cheat them, means absolutely nothing). It’s the work that’s important, the only thing that matters. That’s what we’re here seek  as Gym Jones calls it “salvation through suffering“. When you cheat reps you really leave a foul stench of mental weakness that hangs in the air, the kind of stench that is repulsive to those who are there to be better. 

Here’s the good news, you can change. Like we said, it’s our fault for not enforcing a stricter policy from the get go. This is similar to our policy about not laying down after a workout

You mistook our not saying anything as approval for your actions, when that was the farthest thing from the truth. We just didn’t want to embarrass you by calling you out in front of everyone. Now we will.

If you can’t handle being called out or not cheating your reps, then we are not the place for you.

The problem is society tells you it’s okay, showing up is good enough. Stand in line to get your participation trophy so you can feel good about your mediocrity. No one enforces the standard.

“Why would you ever aim for the minimum standard? Always aim higher than the bar you’ve set for yourself. Go further than you think you can. Go higher than what you thought possible. We become slaves to the limits we impose on ourselves. Free yourself from those shackles.” – Rob MacDonald

Effective immediately set and uphold the standard for yourself and those around you. Start by counting your reps.

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