Some of the members of the PSKC family at the Marshall Marathon

So what do you do for fun on a Sunday? Well apparently if you train at PSKC, you go run in a 1/2 Marathon at Marshall. Around 7 PSKC regulars woke up super early on a very chilly Sunday to run over 13 miles, some even bested their times by 10 minutes.

Now what the hell does long distance running and kettlebell training have in common? Nothing really…as a matter of fact I’m not a fan of long distance running, because it’s not something I personally enjoy doing (I’m preparing for Ann Marie to beat me up). I’m more of a MMA, Olympic lifting, kettlebell sport kind of guy…but that’s besides the point.

What I am a fan of is..setting goals and challenging yourself. No matter what your goal is, what obstacle you want to overcome….GO DO IT! That’s exactly what these group of people did….it was their goal to go run a 1/2 marathon….some just wanted to go see if they could do it, some wanted to reach a specific time. But they ALL chose to challenge themselves.

Now is training at PSKC specific to getting you ready to be a long distance runner…no. Will it help you in your long distance running? Yes….will it help you be a better at softball, football, basketball, tennis, fighting?…YES.

Well this sounds like some sort of a magical ninja training that must have been kept a secret for centuries…not really. This super secret training involves busting your ass…it means working your strength and conditioning levels equally…no matter what you want to do need to have a base of general strength and conditioning for your sport specific skill to rest upon.

Now think back to that point in your life when you believed you were in the “best shape of your life”. Odds are the majority of you will say it was when you played on a sports team either in high school or college. So what happens when you’re no longer involved in competitive sports?

So basically after age 22…what are you supposed to do?

Are you just supposed to slide down the has been path to becoming soft and weak. Some of you keep at it by going to the gym…but it’s just not the same, you’re there by yourself amongst a sea of anonymity and surrounded by mediocrity. There is no coach and their damn sure ain’t a team there.

Just because you’re not on a team doesn’t mean you have to stop training like a athlete.
When you train like an athlete 2 things happen:

  1. You become more athletic
  2. You look like an athlete
Pretty simple…that’s what we do at PSKC….we train like athletes and we push each other through it. No matter what your goals, run a 1/2 marathon, get ready for the military, or just be a kickass mom/wife…we are the place for you. Get back to that point of being in the best shape of your life. Now is the time…we only ask you give supreme effort…anything easy ain’t worth having. 
Another great week is lined up, it kicks off tomorrow at 6pm and we have an additional session at 7pm. We will also honor our Nation’s Heroes for a great Veteran’s Day workout later in the week on Thursday. See you guys tomorrow! 
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