Congrats to All SCGC Competitors!

Congrats to All SCGC Competitors!

Saturday’s 1st Annual Scioto County was a huge hit! There were 25 teams ranging from Wilmington, OH to Huntington, WV who came down to compete in a 4 event challenge. The bigger success was that a group of gyms came together to put on an event to promote fitness in one of Ohio’s unhealthiest areas.

Huge props to the Scioto County Health Commission, SOMC Lifecenter, Fighterz Wanted, and Preferred Fitness. All of the gyms were equal members of the committee responsible for the planning and coordination of the event and put in alot of hours and hard work hosting the event.

Congrats to all the winners and top finishers. Special shout to our boys Chad and Bryan (brothers from another mother) from the Strength Lab taking first place in the male division.

More impressive than the actual winners were those who came out and competed for the first time. It’s a big obstacle to overcome throwing yourself out there in front of everyone and giving it all you got. Special credit goes towards Donna and Tiffy B. Both of them had to be coerced into filling last minute spots so we could have 2 more teams compete. Both of them did not want to compete and did not feel comfortable at all ….before.

Afterwards they were both happy and elated for doing so. Competing in something isn’t about being the best at the competition…it’s about being YOUR best. And I would venture to say they both learned something about themselves along the way. Had they set on the sidelines, listening to the fear dog tell them they weren’t good/worthy enough to compete, they would have never experienced the joy of achieving a personal best, of helping a team, of conquering an obstacle they once believed to be impossible.

So thank you to everyone who came out and gave it everything they had…on that day we proved there are folks who care about health and fitness, and that’s something we can all cheer for.

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