Competitive Athlete Development Seminar – April 5th

Competitive Athlete Development Seminar – April 5th

You signed up for the CrossFit Open and now that inner athlete has been awoken. You’ve been bitten by the competitive bug and are trying to decide if you’re ready for your first local competition. It just so happens our good friends down the river at CrossFit Thunder are putting a competition solely geared for beginners and intermediate athletes, the Thunder Throwdown on Saturday April 19th.

There’s a lot of you from the gym and surrounding CrossFit gyms who are signed up, but still might be feeling a little nervous or anxious for your first competition. We got your back, on Saturday April 5th at 1030am we will be hosting a competitive athlete development seminar.

This is for ALL local CrossFitters who are looking to get more active in local throwdowns/competitions. No matter your level you’ll benefit from this. We will cover in depth technique/tips for the movements (ground to overhead, rowing, front squats) at the Thunder Throwdown and general strategies to use in competitions.

So come on down and spend a few hours training and learning what to expect at your first throwdown. Arm yourself with some knowledge and experience so you can go out there and have some fun!

Cost is $20 and we’re only taking 15 people. Email to reserve your slot!

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