When Portsmouth was home to business and industry…a strong community. Not the festering wound of weakness and ineffective leadership that it currently is…

Sometimes “the man” aka my real job requires me to travel. It sucks because I’m away from you all at PSKC…but based on all the feedback I’m getting, you guys may not want me to come back due to how awesome Mo has been doing… :)

But the one thing I do look forward to while on travel…is being at CF Legion, my adopted home.

Say what you want and all you haters can talk junk about Crossfit. My personal opinion is that is awesome…although we are not a Crossfit Affliate and don’t subscribe 100% to their method of training as we are more of a kettlebell specific facility (kettlebells will always be my true love and bread and butter). I still have a lot of love and respect for what Crossfit is doing and getting people to break away from the conventional gym mindset. Also, had I not been introduced to Crossfit while serving in the Army, I would have never been introduced to my addiction to kettlebell training. Not to mention that my kettlebell certification is through Jeff Martone owner of Tactical Athlete and Crossfit’s kettlebell guru. So you can obviously see which side of the fence I stand on…

But to me the most critical thing Crossfit offers is a sense of welcoming community. I’ve been to a couple of Crossfit Affliates across the country and I’ve yet to run into an asshole or had a bad experience. Now granted, some are better than others…I’m just lucky to have found an awesome place like Crossfit Legion. My ass has thoroughly been kicked this week…but that’s only a part of it. In addition to being smoked, I’ve met and trained with some pretty awesome people (Shana, Kirstin, Henry, Justin, Natti, etc..) and they’re always happy to see me when I drop in…can’t thank you guys enough!

This sense of community is exactly what we offer at PSKC….

So how and why does this sense of community exist and why are assholes almost non-existent at PSKC and Crossfit Affliates? Very simple…the fact is this style of training is tough demanding work; where it’s impossible to have egos.

There might be a couple “one hitter quitters”…guys/gals who come in..get annihilated, get out liftted and out performed….get embarassed and leave. That is the best thing…we are very anti-dousche bag. If you’re looking to flex in front of the mirror…we ain’t for you. Hell, we don’t even own mirrors. If you’re not looking to dial in…focus..bring the intensity…empty whatever you got in the the absolute best you can be on that given moment in time…we ain’t for you either. We don’t want your weakness, the Life Center will gladly take your money…I won’t.

Another important factor is the common bond shared amongst the family at PSKC. We all suffer equally…yes weights, times, and exercises are modified and scaled accordingly but we all bring the same effort. We all go through the same hardship…TOGETHER. That’s why some pretty awesome friendships have developed within our walls. You might be a stranger coming in the first day or two..but if you come back and give all you will forever be welcomed here. You are exactly who’ve been looking for.
Those who remain…those who come in day and day out, week after week…are the people we want…this is the COMMUNITY we need back in Portsmouth. A community of tough minded, physically and mentally strong, fun loving people…this is what Portsmouth is in dire need of….for far too long Portsmouth has been dominated by weakness and inaction. I don’t think you will find anyone to argue the fact that Portsmouth has steadily been on the decline the last 30 years…the town is dying of weakness. It’s time to stop bitching and start acting…

Let these workouts awaken your spirit to the fact that you don’t have to be imprisoned by the walls of your own self-limitation. Within in your skull lies the strongest muscle in your body…but it must be stressed and continually tested to become stronger….to become better. As Mark Twight always says…”the mind is primary”. Once you learn to release the parking break from your mind…the world is yours to take. But you must always subject yourself to constant challenges and struggle…only then you will know you can overcome then.

Let these workouts carry over into your personal life…to stop living life passively. Let them be a vehicle to something greater…something that will help yourself and help others around grow a stronger community. You can choose strength…you can choose can choose action..or you can choose inaction, but you will always have a choice. Choose wisely…you, your family, your COMMUNITY…all are in need of strength…

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