Christmas Week Details!

Christmas Week Details!

After the historic world record break on Saturday we are ready for another festive week. But real quick we want to give a shout out to your coaches and members who have spent a crazy amount of time and effort at Winterfest and the world record break!

Here’s what is on tap!


To help you go 5 for 5 during the busiest time of year, we thought… let’s UP THE ANTE and MAKE IT INTERESTING!

Here’s how it’s going to work!

  • $5 BUY IN: Come to class on Monday, pay your coach $5 if you want to participate.
  • PLAYING CARDS: Write your name and record your cards daily. (Keep cards at the gym)
  • DRAW: From actual deck in front of your coach
  • STAKE: If you miss a day you DON’T get your money back!
  • WILD CARD: Pain Clinic counts as a day. If it’s your 6th day, you replace your worst card from the week with your new WILD CARD!
  • WINNER: Wins the POT! If there are ties, we SPLIT THE POT among winners evenly.


* Players can only buy 1 card (NO 2 for $10)

* Players can only draw 1 card per day (NO redo)

* Players MUST draw from the deck in front of their coach.

* Must pay the buy in by TUESDAY AT THE LATEST to be eligible for win the pot

* Cash ONLY

* No refunds after BUY IN

So bring your $5 on Monday and be sure to get 5 workouts in this week for a chance to win!

Friday – 4th Annual Boneyfiddle Christmas. We have around 20 kids that have been assigned Secret Santas (members in the gym).For those of you who signed up for a kid, don’t forget to get their gift and bring it to the gym on Friday. We will meet up in the front office, hop in Santa’s Sleigh and start passing out gifts at 6pm. If you didn’t get a chance to sign up, we’d still love to have you join us!

Afterwards we will hit up Patties and Pints for a brew, all are welcomed!

Saturday – Winterfest Kids Crafts at PSKC!

Join us for a kids crafting party, Saturday, from 11-12:30PM. Make ornaments, a Christmas chain, and mix up some Reindeer food for Rudolf. Materials will be provided and kids will get to take a picture with Santa

Use this link to register:

We also need around 10 volunteers to help with this event. Contact Coach Cindi to sign up!

Holiday Schedule:

Christmas Eve:

9am – CrossFit

10am – Unloaded

Christmas : CLOSED

December 26th – regular schedule

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