Christmas Party Details: Saturday 4pm

Christmas Party Details: Saturday 4pm

This Saturday we’re going to have a little Christmas party at the gym! We will hit a workout at 4pm, immediately followed by food, drink, and a white elephant elephant gift exchange. We’ll have some wicked ping pong and XBOX track and field action going on as well. No clue when it will end, so please feel free to stop by later in the evening if you can’t make the 4pm workout.

Pyscho is pumped for Christmas parties!

What to bring: This is potluck style, so bring your own tasty dish and whatever you want to drink. There will be a signup sheet in the main lobby, please write your name and what dish you’re bringing. Also bring and a gift valued no more than $20 to be used in the white elephant exchange. It can be silly or useful or both. Whatever you want just bring something to be passed around. Due to the Christmas party, there will be no 9am Pain Clinic that morning.

Speaking of gifts…(standby for clever segway)… PSKC Gift Certificates are available and will make a great last minute gift for your favorite CrossFitter! The gift certificates are good for anything offered at the gym (memberships, personal training, clothing, swag, etc) and available in any amount. Just send an email and we’ll get you hooked up!

See you guys Saturday for an awesome time!

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