"Chicks Are Ripped at PSKC"

"Chicks Are Ripped at PSKC"

Women of PSKC…strong, confident, and capable

I just wanted to take the opportunity to highlight the “chicks” of PSKC. I would probably say the membership is 65% chicks/35% dudes. My ultimate goal is 50/50 and will get there one day, typically guys are reluctant to give up the curls and bench press…plus it’s an ego thing (I know this from experience) you don’t want to step foot into a gym and get outworked by girls. And trust me..these chicks will eat your lunch at PSKC…and I couldn’t be happier.
Just the other day I read an article entitled: Intimidated by CrossFit Women? That’s a Good Thing http://crossfitcharlottesville.com/2011/04/22/intimidated-by-crossfit-women-thats-a-good-thing/

This was my favorite take away:
“Some women fear big shoulders. Some fear that leg muscles developed from heavy squats will cause us to go UP a size (now I’ll never fit into those Forever 21 leggings!). Some fear being hungrier, which means eating more and gaining weight. In short, we fear more because, as women, we think we should be less. Less big and less strong. Yet again, these ideas are in direct contrast with what we know about health. We KNOW that weight training improves bone density, weight management (you burn more calories at rest!), and cardiac health. Those three things alone (that could prevent osteoporosis, diabetes, and heart disease) should get you so jazzed about weights that you immediately pick up something heavy just for the hell of it. Seriously, pick up something heavy NOW. We also KNOW that women do not turn into Hulkish beasts because of heavy weights.

So, for the women in our gym and at other real training centers, dig deep inside and know that you are capable of more. Don’t fear going up in weight, don’t fear the pain, don’t fear the skills you don’t know. And for the love of all things healthy, don’t fear your potential.”
My favorite thing to watch at PSKC is see people do things they once thought were impossible. Often times this involves when a chick gets a heavy deadlift or clean and press. I can almost see it in the eyes the look of strength and accomplishment….PRIDE. All their life they told to be skinny and that certain things they will just never have the ability to do….all bullshit and lies. Strength is not gender specific. 
When the day comes that Tia and I have kids…and if I do have a girl. I won’t have a clue how to do the hair and makeup..but my number one goal in life will be to make sure my baby girl grows up to a strong, confident, and capable woman. 
Do you really think women should look like this?
skinny? yes…strong..no!
Is this a strong back?
This is what strength, confidence, and capability looks like…
This is a strong back..
moving heavy weight
Burn the images of what you’re “supposed” to look like..being skinny equals being weak and dependent. Being strong is the ultimate form of empowerment and independence….that’s what the chicks at PSKC are all about. And most importantly they are setting an example for future generations…well done ladies. 
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