Changes to Membership Options

Changes to Membership Options

The last few nights at class I’ve been explaining the upcoming changes in membership dues. I’ll give you the changes upfront and then explain why.

We are eliminating the 12 sessions option. Therefore, you have 2 options:
1) Pay each time you workout, cost = $5/workout
2) Pay for monthly unlimited classes, cost = $50/month (the original amount for 12 sessions)

So you will need to figure out which is more cost beneficial to you. If you’re doing the minimum recommendation of 3 classes a week, then it’s best for you to buy the monthly unlimited price. Breaks out to an average of $4.16/class. If you’re coming 5 days a week, the average price drops all the way down to $2.50/class!

If you’re only able to come to class 9-10 times a month then obviously it’s best for you to pay each time you come. I don’t want you paying for something you aren’t using.

We will still have the couples discount ($90/month) and offer military/law enforcement/first responder discount ($45/month).

For the montly unlimited, everyone’s month will expire the last day of the month. Therefore you will be up for renewal on the first day of the month. So for example if you want to buy a monthly membership on the 15th of the month fyou will pay a pro-rated amount for the remainder of that month plus the $50 for the next month. (Redneck math: 50/30 = $1.66/day, 15 X 1.67 = $25.05 + $50 = $75.05)…shew, glad that’s over..I hate math.

Okay…so why the change? Originally I conceived the 12 session option in the beginning because I was unsure how many classes I would have to cancel due to work/life, etc. So I didn’t just offer an unlimited rate because I was uncertain how many days I may have had to cancel, screwing you guys in the process. Well in the 7 months we’ve been open, we’ve never had to cancel a day of training because of the awesome coaching staff we have. And here soon, when Shep gets his Crossfit Level I certification we’ll be able to add another coach to the staff! More coaches equals more training opportunites, equals never having to cancel a day of training.

Here’s a quick clip of tonight’s training. Counting me behind the camera we had 3 coaches on the floor, correcting form and providing that extra push…as you see below:

Although we have an amazing cadre of coaches, we all have “day jobs” too, which means we have just enough time to dedicate to coaching and working out and not enough time to dedicate to the “fun” side of business like paperwork, membership tracking, dues collecting, etc. It gets to be a pain in the ass to track all the different sessions each day and collect dues, etc. The monthly dues will allow the coaching staff to do what they do best…coach.

By having more coaches, one day we want to be able to provide more classes and possibly even a Friday option. If the demand is there, my ultimate goal would be to have 2 training sessions a day, 6 days a week. Therefore making it more convenient for you guys to train. We’re not there yet..but hopefully we will be soon.

Finally on our one year anniversary August, 28th 2011. We will be raising the membership dues for new members. The price will go up to $7/workout or $70/month. However, ALL MEMBERS DURING THE FIRST YEAR WILL FOREVER BE LOCKED INTO THE $5/WORKOUT AND $50/MONTH PRICING.  You guys are the founding members and are the reason the gym is successful, I will forever be indebted to you all and this is my way of saying thanks. Also, now is the time to come to PSKC in order to forever receive these extremely low prices.

For those of you who still have sessions remaining of course we will honor those until they are all used up. But  once they expire we will ask you either purchase the monthly unlimited option or just pay as you go. The choice is up to. So we will begin to phase out the 12 session effective this week. Our goal is to have all those who want the $50 monthly unlimited option on board by May 1st.

I hope you guys understand as it really is the best thing to do for the club. If you guys have questions hit me up on facebook or shoot me an email at:

Don’t forget about the referral program! Bring your friends in tomorrow at 5pm for the intro! See you then..

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