Catching Up..

Catching Up..

Apologize for the lack of posts but the last few weeks at PSKC have been insane! Two weeks ago we held our 3rd Annual Gauntlet Competition which was an big success. Athletes ranging from North Carolina, Kentucky, West Virginia, and all over Ohio came to Portsmouth to throw down. This year’s competition was intense.

We kicked off event #1 with a front squat ladder that topped out at 315 for males and 205 for females. If you made it all the way through the ladder you were then placed into a final jeopardy edition of the front squat where the heaviest attempt completed won the event, but if you went and heavy and missed the lift no credit was given. Graham Spagnola took first place for the guys with a BEEFY 370 front squat.

The women’s front squat finals was EPIC. Ninjy and Desiree Jones both went head to head picking 230, both of them nailed it…then came 240, both of them nailed it. Now onto 250! Desiree barely missed the attempt while Ninjy stuggled through and made the attempt.

Event #2 was a spicy triplet consisted of:
Power Cleans (155/105)
Lateral Bar Burpees
It was a 7 min AMRAP with an ascending rep scheme of (2-4-6-8-etc)

Event #3 was a brutal chipper of:
600m Run
10 X Master P (Power snatch to overhead lunge) 95/65
30 x Toes2Bar
20 x KB snatch each arm
10 x Master P
There was  a 12 min cap.

After the 3 events we took the top 4 finalists from each category and pitted them head to head against one another tournament style. The winners would advance to the finals.
The semi-final event was a 5 min AMRAP of:
3 x Double KB Thrusters ( 70/44)
5 x Deadlift (275/185)
7 x Box Jump (30/24)

Then onto the finals, which was:
2 minutes max Ground to Overhead (205/135)
1 minute rest
2 minutes max calories on the Airdyne

The atmosphere, energy, and environment was incredible! We want to sincerely thank the athletes, judges, volunteers, spectators, and sponsors. We are indebted to each of you for helping create such an incredible event!

The very next weekend PSKC was in DC to participate and coach in Team Red White & Blue Veteran’s Athletic Camp at CrossFit Rubicon. This was such an incredible event and was honored to participate. No better way than to spend a weekend coaching functional fitness to active duty and veterans. Also had the chance to connect with other affiliate owners and learn about mobility, nutrition, and goal setting.

Team RWB is all about helping veterans integrate back into the civilian world through exercise. If you are a local Iraq and/or Afghanistan veteran and looking to get involved in CrossFit, email We are working on sponsoring a free year membership for a local combat veteran.

And this weekend we’re heading up to our friends at CrossFit Endeavor for a team competition! Any and all are welcome to come out and support our 2 teams. Of course afterwards we’ll be visiting PSKC North (aka World of Beers) for some celebratory brews.

We keep busy. No rest for the wicked and we will always keep rolling, one event after the other. You’ve got choices in life..sit back and watch life go by or go out there and make things happen.

Life is meant to be lived. Don’t sit back and wish you could do something, get out and equip your mind and body to make it happen. Get busy living…

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