Catching Up and the Importance of Setting an Example

Catching Up and the Importance of Setting an Example

Best smile ever…

We actually don’t mind when you bring your kids to class at PSKC. Now there are some ground rules;
  1. Sign the waiver for your child, you guys only hear me say that about 10 times a class. 
  2. You are responsible for your rug rat, we are a strength and conditioning facility in a warehouse/industrial area. Lots of cool things to play with and possible get hurt, so keep an eye out on them. 
  3. Only bring your kid(s) if they can behave themselves and aren’t a distraction
That’s really about it…and we don’t even charge you anything extra. Okay, so why? 
Very simple..we want you to be awesome in front of your child. Imagine the amazing example of strength and toughness you’re setting for your child at such an early age (see photo above). Let’s face it, we all know the term “childhood obesity” and it’s at a ridiculously high rate nowadays but are we really surprised? Weak and out of shape parents are likely to have weak and out of shape kids. When pop tarts and mountain dew are the foundations of your kids nutrition and Nintendo Wii counts as exercise, what do you expect?
At PSKC, you are teaching your kids so many important things just by the hard work you’re enduring. It’s not uncommon to hear the little ones cheering their parents on during a tough workout. So important at such a young age to lead by example. Just imagine what you’re kid is being exposed to when the little one watches mom/dad flip a tire, press a kettlebell, jump up on a box, etc…but it doesn’t have to end there. Tonya and her college aged daughter Taylor are two peas in a pod sweating it out together at PSKC…just the other day, Taylor was telling me how proud she is of her mom….we are truly family oriented, lifelong health and strength..what a great gift to share with one another. 


Crazy week at the PSKC…so far this week’s action including everything from:

Monday – a nice little circuit of 40 seconds work/20 seconds rest of wall ball, battling ropes, shuttle run, flutter kicks, jumping pullups, and swings
Tuesday –  20 minute as many rounds as possible of 7 knees to elbows, 7 ring pushups, 7 goblet squats, and 7 swings
Wednesday -heavy cleans and presses mixed with pullups and a tabata 20/10 style of burpees at the end. 
PSKC Coach Dave helping Kristy on her last set of pullups
Today – a dirty mix of running around the block, step ups, and sit throughs/outs…
Keep up the fantastic work guys…see you at 10am on Saturday!
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