Can It Truly Be As Simple As Your Diet?

Can It Truly Be As Simple As Your Diet?

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Please take 20 minutes of your valuable time and watch these 3 clips. Especially if you’re on an anti-depressants. Now I’m not endorsing this one way or the other..just providing it because I found it to be pretty interesting.

I like to think in terms of analogies….when you talk diet and exercise it can get fairly technical and overly complicated when it really doesn’t need to be. If you want to get strong, pick up as many heavy things as possible in as many different ways as possible…pretty simple. No need for “advanced” protocols and systems…just lift heavy stuff.

Same thing for nutrition. Think of your stomach as the roots and your body as the tree and branches. If you see the top of the tree withering away and looking rather sickly…odds are the roots are in as equal bad shape. It’s the roots job to provide the valuable nutrients and water from the soil (food) to the rest of the tree and branches (body). If you got problems/issues with the roots…you’re gonna have major problems with the rest of the tree.

Same thing with the human body…if your gut is all jacked up from the foods you’re not supposed to be eating….you will have major downstream/upstream problems (autoimmunity, obesity, inflammation, CVD, cancer, Metabolic Syndrome, etc).

 The videos below make the case for how even depression is affected by what you eat or equally important…what you don’t eat. Watch not just once but a couple of times..and use some “google-fu” to conduct further research to validate or disprove. Never take anything as gospel, always research, question, and experiment…it’s your only your health and lift we’re talking about.

Remember you can never out-train a terrible diet. For those who haven’t tried PSKC out..come on down. We’ll get you started down the right track to becoming stronger, healthier…and just flat out better. Next intro is Wednesday at 5pm. Hope to see lots of new faces!
P.S. Wes (aka JFK Jr) that guy is a Pharm-D just like you. How come we never have such fasicnating conversations/discussions? I feel slighted bro…

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