Busy Spring Schedule..

Busy Spring Schedule..

Nothing like helping a good friend live his dream

This past weekend PSKC was all over the place! We sent a crew up to Bayonet CrossFit to help our brother open up his affiliate. We then had another crew down in Tennesee participating in the Outlaw Camp. And finally another crew was up in Cleveland rooting on Jeremy at his bodybuilding show.

We like to stay on the move and stay busy. Now that the weather is finally warming up we’re kicking it into full swing. Here’s a list of the upcoming Spring events we’ve got going down.

April 13/14 – CrossFit Competition at CrossFit Thunder in Huntington

April 20 – PSKC/USMC function. We need your volunteer support for this! We’re expecting a fairly large crowd because it will be a combined USMC and PHS football team event. So we will need as many folks as possible to help run stations.
Also on the same day we’ve got a group of folks heading up to Reynoldsburg to compete at the CFR Spring Games!

April 27th – Tactical Strength Challenge at the gym. We’re hosting this cool little event consisting of max deadlift, max strict pullups, and max kettlebell snatches in 5 minutes. No cost!

May 25th – last day to register for the Gauntlet! We are at close to 50% capacity now!

June 15th – GAUNTLET!

Also, don’t forget we are one month away from implementing the new rates.  For current members all you’ll need to do is sign a 12-month contract to locked in at your current rates. As long as you sign up before May 5th we’ll lock you into our current rates. But that means you’ve got to make the  decision to commit NOW. We don’t have that many beginners programs left, so you need to email dale@www.pskccrossfit.com to get signed up! Do not miss out on a phenomenal deal.

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