The cup will overflow on Saturday

Want to participate in pure awesomeness? Every now and then the stars align just perfect and certain events come together, specifically I’m referring to the St. Paddy’s Day Parade in Portsmouth, and a workout at PSKC. Add Port City Pub to the mix and boom you’ve got the first annual BEER AND BURPEES this Saturday at 2pm at the gym!

We will start the workout at 2pm, as people are finishing the workout they’ll grab some beers and cheer the rest of the people on until we’ll all complete. We will hang out for a bit until all the BYOB is gone, then immediately head down Chillicothe St to Port City Pub to watch the parade and check out the official post parade after party. Port City is an awesome time during the parade..

Make sure you rock your PSKC t-shirt. We still have a couple left if you need to get yours.

Warning, if you’ve never drank beer with members of the West Side Tribe…you best bring your “A” game. To quote Charlie Sheen, “your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body.”

And onto the recap of tonight…

at the end of 15 minutes..

Tonight we spent a lot of time of teaching….specifically how to kip and all the progressions to be able to perform a handstand pushup. Gotta give it up to gymnasts..those are some strong bastards. After the gymnastic work we went right into a 15 minute AMRAP…see below:

Shep…down to about 200..all the way from 225ish. Amazing what eating right and PSKC will do..

With all this awesomeness going on at PSKC, how do you not want your friends to be apart of it? Remember for every person you that you refer to an intro class you get a free workout! No time like the present, we will be having our weekly intro class tomorrow at 5pm! See you then…

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