Burpee Madness

Burpee Madness

What 7 minutes of burpees looks like…

Saturday we hosted the very first workout of the 2012 Crossfit Open. It was really incredible to see all the support for the participants and everyone from the gym rooting their fellow members on. It was pretty damn cool to be apart of.

There were lots of highlights; anyone that voluntarily does 7 minutes of burpees (nevermind the fact being filmed for the world to view) is borderline mentally ill and just full of badassieness. Everyone that completed WOD 12.1…damn proud of you all.

Here’s a clip of the cyborg banging out an incredible 96 burpees…

There were a couple folks who are worthy of mention…

1) Jeremy Slusher: 3 months ago he weighed 250 and was an incredible strong competitor in powerlifting and strongman events. He banged out an incredible 86 reps, talk about being out of your comfort zone.

2) Psycho Cindi: 91! Where the hell did that come from? I shouldn’t be surprised, only after a few weeks she did a Tough Mudder like it was a Sunday stroll. 

3) The Support: everyone from the gym was awesome, whether you’re competing or not..your words of encouragement really mean a tremendous amount. THANK YOU!

We’ll be back for another great week starting tomorrow morning! Also, Monday at 7pm we’re having another beginners’ program kickoff! Email me at: louisdaleking@yahoo.com for to get a slot!

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