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CrossFit is oftentimes referred to as “moving meditation”. It’s an opportunity to provide complete focused attention to the task at hand. It’s a great way to clear your mind of the daily junk, clutter, and distractions that the day brings and be mindful in the moment.

Here are some tips to help combine the physical and mental practices.

Breath Control / Awareness: this is the key fundamental that will bring you success. “Match your breath to the movement” is repeated hundreds of times a day for a reason. No matter the movement or exercise you need to breathe (inhale/exhale) along with it.

If you’re not focusing on your breath it’s guaranteed your mind has wandered to how bad the workout “sucks”.

A simple rule to remember is that you exhale when you produce energy or force. (e.g. exhale as you pull the rower handle, upward portion of a squat, as you push on a press etc). If you do that you will automatically inhale afterwards and find yourself into a good breathing rhythm.

A big area for improvement is recovery breathing. When you’re not actively moving/exercising you’re recovering breathing – think of boxing/mma during the rest in between rounds.

Too often flight or fight takes over and we are panic/shallow mouth breathing (hyperventilating) – the focus on breath attention must be the same as when we’re working AND recovering.

A great way to recover faster is nasal breathing. Try to breathe longer in and out through the nose only. This helps get better air in your system and lowers the heart rate allowing you to recover quicker.

No matter the duration of the workout – use that as a training opportunity to bring total focus and attention to the present moment.

During the exercise synch your breath to the movement and focus on 1 or 2 technique ques you’re telling yourself (internal dialogue).

During the recovery portion (non-moving) – bring the same mindful attention to nasal breathing.

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Hang Clean (1×1)

This is for review. Work up to the weight you will be using in the workout.


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

3 x 5 Minute AMRAPS with 3 minutes rest in between

40/28 Cal Row Buy in

In remaining time:

30 Double Unders/Singles

15 Hang Cleans(95/65)

(As many rounds as possible in the rest of the time of the dubz and cleans)

—Rest 3 Minutes:

30/21 Cal Row

In remaining time:

30 Double Unders/Singles

10 Hang Cleans (115/85)

—Rest 3 Minutes:

20/14 Cal Row

In remaining time:

30 Double Under/Singles

5 Hang Cleans (135/95)

Cals and Clean reps go down and weights go up!

Score: Reps of the couplet combined- Cals do not count!

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