Burn the Ships

Burn the Ships



5 years ago the seeds of PSKC were planted. For 5 years I’ve worked full time for the federal government and operated PSKC as best I could. Essentially splitting my time as best I could. Then I made a decision…I quit. This is my last week of working a “real job”.

As we progressed, I began to think “one day” it would be really cool to own/operate the gym full time. Living your passion and fulfilling your purpose. I begin to tell folks of my crazy idea. Almost everyone told me it would be insane to give up my job. A federal employee (GS 13) locked into a pension, benefits, security. What if you fail? What then? What will you have to fall back on? All you gotta do is ride out 25-30 years and you’re golden.

As the months progressed I began to get scared. Not for a fear of failure…but for a fear of regret. I began to study and observe the people I worked with. No one was really happy, they shuffled the floors of the hallway awaiting to be shackled to their cubicle. Pecking away on their keyboards, desperately awaiting quitting time. Month after month, year after year…I watched time and life robbed from them. Passion and enthusiasm slowly evaporating from their soul. That’s what I really feared the most…becoming that man. A man who sold his passion in return for a 401K.


Then I read about how when the Vikings set off to conquer a new land, upon reaching shore they would burn their ships. They eliminated any possible way of return. It was literally victory or death.

Over the course of the last year I’ve made a push to be able to do the gym full time. This is my last week at my real job. I’m burning the ships and cutting away the security net. PSKC and Team SAR will become my full time occupation. I will be taking a huge pay cut in return for longer hours and uncertainty. But I will have freedom and take the chance to live the American dream.

I will do what I feel God has put me here to do…

I have no idea what the future may hold, but I do know I will be able to say I gave it a shot. To everyone that has supported PSKC, I am able to do this because of you. Thank you…I promise to give you all I got.

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