Building a Great Rack

Building a Great Rack

This cycle we will be hitting the front squat for lower body days and push jerk for upper body days. Both of these movements require you to have a great rack position. Great mobility = great lifting. Problem is that mobility/stretching/bands/foam rolling isn’t sexy. If you want to lift BIG weights you gotta spend time doing the not so sexy stuff. Good news is that you can do this stuff at home, or get into class 15 minutes and start fixing your mobility problems.

Pro tip = take one less selfie and do some mobility before class.

The front squat and jerk rack positions are different (front squat = much higher elbows) However, they will both require similar mobility. And if you have less than optimal mobility *cough – pretty much all you dudes – cough*, these videos/tips will help you get better rack positions for both movements.

Some things to remember:

1) Always to tissue work (foam rolling/barbell mashing) first – then go into the banded stretching, not the opposite.

2) The majority of your problems is NOT the joint itself, it’s the muscles/connective tissue surrounded them that need to be fixed to restore normal range of motion in the joint. So in the case of awful wrist pain in the front squat, it’s not the wrist you need to work on (usually), it’s the tight lats and triceps that is not permitting you to get into a good front rack position and therefore causing the wrist pain.

3) Every day do some sort of mobility to help your lifting. Every day..

Take a look at the 2 videos below to help you build a great rack.



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