Bring a Friend Saturday and Introducing Dr. Jason Lyles

Bring a Friend Saturday and Introducing Dr. Jason Lyles

This Saturday is our monthly bring a friend. Anyone is welcome to come down and check us out for free! Now is the time to get in, on January 1st the new rates go into effect. After this Saturday we will only have one more bring a friend before the New Year. Also, we only have 2 101 course left for the year! Our next 101 course begins this Tuesday at 530pm, it’s already near capacity and we only have 2 slots left. The last 101 course will be offered in December.


There are 3 main pillars to health. Fitness, Nutrition, and Recovery. As CrossFitters we got the fitness thing down, we know what to eat and how to fuel our body, but the most difficult thing for people to do is RECOVER. Your body is nothing more than a system of debits and credits. Every time you take money out of the bank, you need to put the same amount back in…if you don’t you’re gonna go bankrupt, something will break.

You simply cannot go hard all the time, you need to time to do mobility, to foam roll, massages, long hikes, walks. All the stuff that isn’t super sexy or fun.

If you have a nagging injury or pain, you can’t ignore it and hope it gets better. Corrective action must be taken to heal the issue so you can lift heavier and go faster. If you’re out of alignment, you quite literally need to get your sh!t together.

A good friend of the gym, is Dr. Jason Lyles. He is a chiropractor who knows and understands what we do as CrossFitters. He currently treats all the coaches at the gym and some members. He is awesome at what he does. We’ve worked out a deal where Dr. Lyles will be coming to the gym 1-2 times a month on Saturdays to solely treat PSKC members. The best part is that it’s at a reduced rate! The typical cost is $67, for members the price is $35. He can also bill your insurance company for those who prefer to go that route.

Dr. Lyles will be at the gym this Saturday at 10am after the pain clinic. Don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself and see if you don’t immediately feel better. See you Saturday!



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