Bring A Friend – Saturday 9AM

Bring A Friend – Saturday 9AM


No better way to start the New Year then coming down this Saturday for a free workout. If you’ve been wanting to check us out now is the time. Just show up around 8:45am, sign the waiver and we’ll get you going. Saturdays are a partner workout and everyone works to their level. No matter your current fitness level you’ll have a great time with great people. No hassle, no pressure..just a chance to get a great workout.

Immediately afterwards we will be hosting our monthly member seminar. This month’s topic will be developing mental toughness and proper goal setting. We will be talking about techniques for breaking self imposed limitations and learning to eliminate fear based behavior. CrossFit is an amazing daily practice to becoming a mentally and physically stronger person, so stick around as we explore the finer details of mental toughness.

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