Bring a Friend: Saturday 3MAY14

Bring a Friend: Saturday 3MAY14

This Saturday we’re hosting our monthly free bring a friend Pain Clinic at 9am. Any and all are welcome to come down and try PSKC and see what CrossFit is all about. Just show up around 845am to sign the waivers and we’ll get you started. Stay as long as you’d like afterwards to talk with coaches and members.

Nervous about starting? Check out what our most recent graduates of the 101 program had to say:

“Early this morning I completed my first PSKC CrossFit beginner class. In the past, I had been very critical of CrossFit workouts, because I just thought they were too difficult to complete. I also thought “older people can’t do that stuff!! They’ll kill themselves!” Well, I have to humbly eat my words. I.just turned 59 earlier this month, and completed three intro classes prior to completing the first beginner’s class today. My primary reason for making a conscious decision to try CrossFit is because of family history health issues. HBP, conjestive heart failure, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. I wanted to try and wart off these issues, if at all possible. After wasting money on workout DVDs that just sit on the shelves, I needed something that would push and motivate me. So, I am posting this to give encouragement to the older generation. Now, I’ll tell you it is not a “sissy workout”. You definitely feel it after you’re done, but the pain wears off eventually. And your mind can try and talk you into not pursuing. I must admit that after the first intro class, I wasn’t sure or not if I was going back. But each day you do get stronger, both physically and mentally. The coaches/trainers modify the workout to your level making sure you don’t hurt yourself. Thank you again! Coach Monica, Ashley and Zach for being patient and taking time with me!”

In the spirit of full disclosure, this “59 year old” is my mother in law. She has never played a sport or lifted a weight in a life but she wanted a chance to be as healthy as possible and fight off disease.

It’s not about the top athletes and the competitions, it’s about giving you a shot to be as physically and mentally strong as possible. It’s about taking charge of your health and demanding more of yourself. It will never be easy…but it will be worth it.

So come check us out on Saturday, who knows you might just feel like you’re starting your life.


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