Bring a Friend Pain Clinic = Saturday 9am

Bring a Friend Pain Clinic = Saturday 9am

the angry deer in action

Saturday Pain Clinics are “fun”…you get a partner and share the suffering. We break out all the toys and start the weekend off right. If you’re curious about PSKC or CrossFit come on down this Saturday at 9am to check us out for a FREE workout. Just show up around 8:45am to sign the waivers and we’ll get to it. No sales pitch, no pressure, just an awesome workout with awesome people.

After the workout, we’ll hang out for a bit then head over to the new building for a tour. There’s been A LOT of progress in the last couple of weeks. WE ARE PUMPED!

Hope to see lots of new faces this Saturday. If you plan on attending shoot an email to .


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