Biggest Loser Kettlebell Gurus?

Biggest Loser Kettlebell Gurus?

Sorry Bob…this is just the wrong answer

Just because you’re on TV doesn’t mean you know what you’re doing….with kettlebells it’s important you know what the hell you’re doing and what the hell you’re talking about. Why? You can jack yourself up pretty quick if you don’t learn the fundamentals of kettlebell training the safe and correct way.

Case in point…the trainers from TV’s Biggest Loser. Now I’m not ranting against the Biggest Loser, I think it’s great that there’s a show out there focusing on getting people to be active and eat right, I take that back some of things they do on that show is flat stupid and demeaning and irritates me beyond end. I’m not a fan of yelling at people and forcing dangerously overweight and deconditioned people to run on a treadmill until they fall off…but I digress.

The main point is that there is a right way and wrong way to do things. And sometimes kettlebells get lumped into the “fad” category and every trainer out there thinks they can buy a dvd or watch a few youtube clips and all the sudden they have the ability to train people using kettlebells.

A while back Jillian came out with a “Kettlebell DVD”..and it went over like a fart in church. Even the LA Times wrote an article on how the form was all wrong..

And now apparently there’s a youtube video floating around from the other trainer, Bob Harper showing the perfect way on how to completely butcher a Turkish Get Up..

Read the above the article and then bounce it off how we at PSKC teach it (via my instructor, Jeff Martone, owner of Tactical Athlete).

See what I’m saying?

If you really want to learn the RIGHT way, you need to get with someone who knows what the hell they’re doing…and there’s a few of us at PSKC who talk the talk and walk the walk.

See you guys at 11am on Saturday for another awesome Pain Clinic!

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