Being Consistent..

Being Consistent..

I wonder why Coach Mo had to do 60 burpees?? Feel free to ask her the next time you see her..

Today’s work consisted of a triple triplet: We combine 3 exercises (triplet) at three different stations (triple)..and we establish a time limit..

In this case…it’s 20 seconds non-stop of the 3 exercises back to back to back and you keep going for a total of 3 minutes, rest around a minute and half in between each station, then cycle through the whole 2 times.

Soo here were the triplets;

Kettlebell Swings, Goblet Squat, Push Press

Wall Ball, Slam Ball, Pushups

Weighted Situps, 1/2 Burpees, Moutain Climbers

A smoker indeed….

Nothing happens overnight…if it’s worth a damn; odds are it’s going to be a long grueling process to get there. But that’s okay…that’s what makes it so much sweeter when you get there. Am I talking about any one thing in particular? No…and yes. I will explain later. But here is my pain point…GET YOUR ASS TO CLASS.

I could not ask for a better group of people who attend PSKC. We’ve been at this thing for almost 2 months now, and it’s exceeded my wildest expectations. You guys are awesome and it really is a pleasure to be around you all each and every opportunity I get…but I’m selfish, I want to see more of you guys.

Now, I know family, jobs, schedules, life..can get in the way of coming to the gym. And if you guys have valid excuses that is pefectly fine. And I know (unfortunately) we don’t offer as many classes as I would like (I have a “real” job too)…but if/when you can’t make it I hope you are at least doing something when you’re not here. The point of this post is to talk to those who don’t have a valid excuse, those who would rather take the easy road out and are just popping in 1-2 times a week.

You guys know I will always be honest with you…if all you’re doing is training 1-2 times a week you will never see the results and the kind of performance you are capable of. At a minimum I should be seeing you all 3 times a week, if you’re not actively involved in some other form of physical training. And guess what 20 minutes on the elipitical coupled with 3 sets of bicep curl doesn’t constitute physical training either. The ultimate goal is to be at PSKC 4-5 days a week. Simply put after the first week or two… 1 or 2 times a week ain’t gonna cut it if you want to get better. Furthermore, guess what happens when you’re not at the gym fighting the good fight…you are getting weaker, slower, and softer. CONSITENCY IS KEY.

It’s just like nutrition and eating right…you are only fooling yourself and ultimately lying to yourself if you eat good 1-2 times a week and then shoveling processed poisonous junk into your mouth the other 5-6 days out of the week. You have got to make a consistent effort to eat quality foods day in and day out. Is it easier to pull into McDonalds, instead of cooking healthy meals…yes it is. But that’s because you’re been addicted to that crap all your life and you’re looking for the cheap and easy way out…’s like smoking in restaurants and bars.

Remember back in the “good ole days”, when people could light up and inhale cancer in a public setting a few years back? That’s all we knew, so it really wasn’t that big of a deal because we were conditioned to the second hand smoke and wonderful smell of chemically enhanced carcinogens. But have you traveled to a state where it’s still legal to smoke in a bar/restaurant recently? You almost can’t breathe when you walk into the place..then the smell gets embedded in your clothes, hair, skin…and you think why in the hell do people do that? You honestly feel ill…Why? Because now you are accustomed to breathing healthy air…they way it should be.

It’s the same way with what you eat and how you exercise. If you give yourself 2-3 weeks of making a hard and honest effort to eat clean and exercise intensely…I guarantee there is no way you can go back to the way you used to live. Eating that chemically processed shit will make you feel sick, heavy, and weak. I know from experience…trust me. On my cheat day (days as it has been recently), I go full throttle…then I always end up cussing my idiot self for having done it.

The same for exercise, if you’ve come to a few classes you guys know what it is to truly work hard, and when the workout is all said and done…and you’re laying on your back in a pile of shaking sweat…you know without a doubt you accomplished something.

Now I want you to imagine going back to the way you used to “work out”; or go watch people in a conventional gym…you will think…there is no way I’m going to do a circuit of machines and then read a magazine for 20 minutes. Like I said…you are the only one who is fooling yourself and you’re the only one who is ultimately responsible for yourself….so what do you need to do? Very simple….


You’ve got to be consistent…will it be hard work, bet your ass it will be. But that’s the beautiful part about it…that’s exactly the kind of people we attract at PSKC. Its what will make each and every victory so sweet and worthwhile. If it was easy…would there be any worth attached to it? To have the sweet…you’ve got to have the sour.

Very soon we are going to start tracking goals at the gym…whether it’s your first pull up…swinging the 88 pounder…first ring dip…whatever…we’re going to start asking and then start tracking. The only way to reach them is through consistent hard work…we’ll be there with you every step of the way…

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