Beginners Program = Thursday 630pm

Beginners Program = Thursday 630pm

Our next beginners program kicks off Thursday at 630pm. The time to start is NOW. Don’t wait until the New Year to start. Shoot Coach Mo an email at to grab a slot. Speaking of the New Year, we will be bringing you guys some new stuff we’re very excited about.

One of those things will be monthly “Bring a Friend” Pain Clinics. The first Saturday of each month will be “Bring a Friend” workouts, the cost is free for your friend and it’s a chance for them to check us out and see what we’re all about. Being that Pain Clinics are partner workouts, your friend will work out with you and you can get a chance to help navigate the pain train. The first “Bring a Friend” Pain Clinic will be Saturday January 5th.

As much as I hate to admit it. It is getting colder. If it were solely up to me, we’d be rocking straight Rocky IV style with open garage doors. But we do have some folks on the staff who enjoy more of a “tropical” feel so we’ve sparked up our propane heater and we will closing the doors for the winter after this weekend so we can further insulate around them.

Some of the morning crew have been showing up to the evening classes which is great but it drops off attendance in the mornings. Primarily due to the fact they lack the intestinal fortitude to handle the 20-30 degree mornings. (Coach Zak is there at 5am 3-4 days a week, so you get no sympathy from us).

We are kicking around the option of going to Mon/Wed/Fri morning classes until Spring time rolls around. We are here to serve you all. So let us know if this will impact your ability to get to the gym.

Lastly, we are cooking up something awesome for the USMC Poolees this Saturday. So Saturday’s Pain Clinic will be early 0830-0930. If you’re volunteering, we need you there by 0930.

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