Beginner Program Starts Friday at 5:30pm

Beginner Program Starts Friday at 5:30pm

one tough preacher..

This week already has witnessed some awesomeness. Coach Trappy programmed the week and welcomed us all with a nasty variation of the Crossfit staple “Fran”. Throw some running mixed in with thrusters and pullups and you’ve got a spicey bit of goodness.

My best friend (who as much as I hate to admit it, is considerably stronger than me) is in town this week and despises running as much me. So he asked if he could do 21-15-9 of Power Clean to Thruster, than he wouldn’t have to do the running the portion. We immediately had a deal.

He did all 45 Power Cleans to Thrusters at 225. Here’s footage of the last one:
After rep 3, he admitted he thought it was not a good idea. But he powered through and 35 minutes later he finished. That’s a total 10,125lbs lifted from the floor, squatted and then put overhead. Over 5 tons. Well done sir…well done.

You can also tell from the pics and videos we installed some “turf” over the weekend. It keeps the dirt down and opens up the place for a lot more usable square footage. And don’t worry the prowler/butchers work just fine. As an added bonus the carpet adds a bit more traction on the sled, so you’ll be earning every step you take.

I’d like to thank the crew (Ash, Joe, Pops, Zach, Kayla, B, Craftsman) who stayed over late last Thursday and helped install the carpet. Under the guidance of Kevin aka the Craftsmen we got er done! As awesome as the new turf is, she is a gentle soul. Feel free to use barbells with bumpers on her. But never drop kettlebells from any height on her. She will dent and rip pretty easy when a 50lb hunk of iron is dropped on her. I know you have 2 years worth of being able to drop kettlebells whenever and wherever you want. But don’t drop them on the turf. If you are absolutely sure you can set it down perfectly each and every time during a workout you’re trying to go as fast as possible, then feel free to use them on the turf. But best bet is to play it safe and use them on the black mats. This is what happens when you don’t…

Lastly, we’ll be offering a beginners program this Friday at 5:30pm. Drop us a note to let grab a slot. We try to keep the group small, so be sure to get ahold of us so you can get started right away!

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