"Beauty and Strength of Which His Body Is Capable"

"Beauty and Strength of Which His Body Is Capable"

Wes has been killing it lately, especially tonight executing razor sharp form. 
“It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”

You can’t really argue with Socrates. Have you even come close to reaching your true mental and physical potential? Do you think you’re past your physical “prime”? Are you fine with that? Subconsciously have you given yourself permission to slowly slip weaker and softer as the years go by?

Don’t quit fighting…now is the time  to become the strongest and healthiest person you can become…within you is the capability of unparalleled mental and physical strength.

Les learning she can hold on a bit longer than she originally thought…

Stop living in the cage of self limitation and self image. Don’t give yourself permission to give up, to say it’s too tough, to say it’s not for me. If you just believe in yourself…it’s amazing what the body can do and become. Only through a constant test of self imposed limitations can you really discover.

I’ve been reading a lot about Mark Twight and Gym Jones and one quote I find myself reading over and over again….

” Do what needs doing. Imagine. Create. Lead. Step out. Do something to make you value yourself. Do something to make you believe in yourself.”
-Mark Twight

What are you doing to make yourself believe in yourself? Those who attend PSKC on a consistent basis know the answer this question. Do you?

All it takes is the courage to step through the door just once…you’ll be welcomed with open arms. We will give you all we have as long as you do the same. 

Hope to see you tomorrow at the Wednesday 5pm intro. And for those who’ve been slacking on the attendance….you know where you belong. 

PS…here’s an article that is extremely worth the read regarding the state of modern fitness..

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