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Many folks personally know the Schwambergers, but many of you don’t. Allow me to better explain the situation that our beloved Boston is now facing.

Imagine one day you drop your 3 year old wild man off at preschool and then a few hours later as you pick him up he comes comes sprinting out of the school to be picked up by his mom. Imagine that feeling….the feeling a parent cherishes as their kid is beyond delighted to have his mommy.

Then in a matter of a week, you sit in the Cancer Center as the doctor tells you your son has a cancerous tumor on his brain stem. It can’t be operated on, the chances of survival aren’t in your favor, and the best option is to undergo radiation treatments. For 5 days a week, 6 weeks long your son will have to sedated as radiation beams into his brain to try and stunt the growth of the tumor.

This is why we are Battling for Boston. Boston is one of those kids that will automatically bring a smile to your face. He has never met a stranger, he’s a ladies man, he’s a stinker, he’s a sweetie. Everyone at PSKC knows him because his mom (Ashley aka Quadzilla) is a coach there and Boston has spent more time at the gym than me. He’s also always at competitions to watch his momma with his dad (Joe) or his beloved Papaw there as well to play with him.

The community support for this family has been nothing short of miraculous. We definitely have our problems in Southern Ohio but the tribe unites and rolls deep when we need to. A large part of that is because folks know the kind of people Joe and Ash are.

Just a few weeks ago they celebrated their one year anniversary. Joe is the kind of person you want on your side. The only thing that matches his heart is his hard working attitude. Joe works at a steel mill in West Virginia. For 6 days a week, every morning before the sun rises Joe is on the road to work. 6 days a week, 10 hour shifts Joe busts his ass to provide for his young family. Sometimes Joe just doesn’t sleep. There’s been multiple times as soon as he gets off from work he loads up in the car with B-man and Ash and heads out to a competition to support his wife. That’s who Joe is, a man who would do anything for his family. During this time to help Boston, Joe will be granted FMLA from his employer however he will not be receiving any source of income for the days off he has to take to be with Boston.

Ash simply put is someone special. Ash would travel to the ends of the Earth for her friends. She is fierce, determined, strong, loving, and has made her life’s purpose to helping other people become healthy and strong. She started out as a member of the gym who quickly transformed herself into one of the most amazing examples of female strength I’ve ever witnessed. After a year or so, it was an easy decision for her to become a trainer/coach. In addition to her passion as a trainer, she is passionate about nutrition and healthy eating. In the last 2 months, Ashley has steadily gained more personal training clients and began to develop her own business where she cooks healthy meals for members of the gym. Right before Boston was diagnosed with the tumor, she was ready to launch her business full steam. During this period with Boston, Ashley will not be receiving any income.

This is why we are Battling for Boston. This is the story of us all. A young hard working couple striking it out on their own life. We can all relate and now we’re going to be there united in action and prayer for one another. In an election season when half the country dislikes the other half, now is the time to stand united for a family that needs us. We need your help.

On Saturday November 10th at 10am we’re going to have one helluva good time. We’re working hard to have something fun for everyone. Battling for Boston is a chance for you to come be awesome. We have something for everyone and as long as nothing interferes with medical appointments the B-Man himself will be there. We’re really looking to put on a festival/tailgate atmosphere thrown into the middle of a unique fitness competition.

Below is a list of the day’s events/activities

3 Event Fitness Competition:

1) Max Clean and Jerk. Take the bar from the floor and put that thing over your head anyway you want. You get 3 attempts at your max weight. So if you miss an attempt, you get 2 more chances.

2) Maximum repetitions of thrusters (95/65) in 3 minutes. You’re welcome!

3) THE BOSTON – 7/22/09 Boston’s birthday.

For time
7 deadlifts 225/155

11 kb snatches each arm (53/35)

9 Slurpees (slamball to burpee)

3 rounds

$25 registration fee. Compete in 1 event or all 3!
$1000 Raffle:
We have tickets available for sale at $50/ticket. The grand prize is $1000 cold hard cash. Presale tickets are available through PSKC and its members. Tickets will also be available for sale during the event.

During the fundraiser we will be having multiple awesome items up for silent auctions. Please email if you’d like to donate an item for silent auction.
Party Pros has donated inflatables for the kids to run around and go crazy. We will have cake/dessert walk, face painting, snow cones, all kinds of stuff for the little ones.
Get a partner and get in on the cornhole action! You will be rewarded with awesomeness and bragging rights. So what if you can clean and jerk 315, winning the cornhole tournament is much more impressive. $20/team.
T-Shirts and Wristbands for Sale:
Throughout the day we’ll have awesome Boston merchandise for sale.
Big thanks to BW3s and LaRosas for donating tasty grub. Come enjoy some wings or pizza while enjoying the activities.
If you can offer up anything hit us up on our Facebook page or shoot us an email
See you on the 10th. In the meantime make sure to donate online and stay awesome!

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