Barbell Club

Barbell Club

Starting this Friday we’re introducing the PSKC Barbell Club and “Lift More Fridays”. The Club and Lift More Fridays are a dedicated time to Olympic lifting, snatching, cleaning and jerking, and everything that will you make you better at those lifts.

In coordination with our successful”Road to the Open” seminar series, this week’s seminar will be Friday January 30th at 630pm. We will be focusing on improving your clean and jerk. Coach Zak will be breaking down the clean and the jerk and helping you improve your technique. Cost is $10. If you’d like to join the Barbell Club and start attending the Lift More Fridays, it’s highly encouraged you attend this Friday’s seminar.

Starting the following Friday, February 3rd we will start meeting every Friday at 430pm to lift more bro.  The cost is $10 for members, $15 for non-members per session. We are only looking for around 6-8 people per session so we can focus on individualized attention so you can lift more. Each session we will be breaking down the lifts, throwing some weight around, and absolutely no conditioning permitted!

If you’re interested be sure to come to this Friday’s Clean and Jerk seminar at 630pm!

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